Need for Speed

Speed is what is driving the world today. People today have understood the need for speed and therefore the game Need for Speed has been one of the most uprising and popular games at least among the youth. The game has been very strategically planned and the graphics and the game play is just out of the world. With new technology enhancing, one might just feel that the wheel is in his hand. The feeling of the game is awesome.

Here we are going to examine and analyze the Shift 2 Unleashed. Shift 2 Unleashed is sure to spin your mind with the graphics and the noises that hurl about you. With the brake noise and the drilling sound, it seems as if the car is just the one you are sitting in or the one just beside you. A sensory assault is sure to torment you once you start playing this game. The car that you will be handling in Shift 2 Unleashed is sure to be a bit of wild handling. It’s more of a horror when you hear all those scratching sounds of the engine getting to you and then you feel as if you are really on the road driving on a track.

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Shoot the way along!

Almost all games that are copied from other genres are never a hit and fail to surprise the public. People come up with new expectations and therefore not only does the product satiate the public with its good quality but should also stand up with its own design and choices. Syndicate however unfortunately falls under this category and tells a boring story of swapping allegiances and its likes.

It is the giant corporations that rule the world in the land of Syndicate. There is a deadly war that is prevalent for turf and technology. Eurocrop, which plays the major role as Syndicate’s protagonist creates this type of top tier technology in the form of Top Tier 6. Basically, the single story plot tells us the story of Miles Kilo, a man who rediscovers his origin. He is in a war against himself where he fights and questions the significance of the fight.

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