Check out the Day of Defeat: It’s worth the Game

Day of Defeat (DOD) may seem identical and a grade-2 version to Counter-Strike (CS) to all those superficial multi-players out there. Yes, they are superficial because Day of Defeat is a hell lot better than Counter-Strike and it’s worth the money and the game.

It is a fact that DOD and CS are both made with the Source engine so they may seem a bit similar. But DOD dates back to the World War II unlike CS which uses a more modern set of tactics and weapons and ammunitions and this makes it look like a modern operation, not the conventional war-effect that can be obtained in DOD. 

The reason DOD can be rated to be better than CS is that it has a planned approach through maps. Some of the maps lead to only the snipers taking over but there are a lot of corners, rooms and open spaces. A knife or a shovel, however, can make the hearts of the snipers beat faster. You never when they are being showered. So the thrill is at its best.

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