Mafia 2 – Underworld Unleashed

Wise Guys, lots of killing and lastly the fashion and love for wearing suits is what perfectly describes the mafia gang. The mafia gang was a gang well prevalent in many parts of the world, including America. Based on the chronicles of Mafia operations, the Mafia game was sketched with the intent to include a bit of reality in it. 

Now having said that, Mafia 2 is nothing but an illusion, a very far representation of reality, but it is thrill and fun. The main protagonist of the game play over here is Vito. Vito is a person who is presently returning from war and thus now decides to join the local mafia. From there on he carries on his usual mafia stunts which include killing, shooting and other such scary stunts. The dialogue and the story line is very well scripted and its all set to attack into a lightly accented macho threat.

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