An Overview on Mario 9: The Pros and Cons

The recently launched Mario 9 looks flashy with the appearance of the very own Mario and Luigi which has changed, but inside, as one goes deeper into it, the things are still much the same. The changes are very superficial and that doesn’t quite entice the player to stay on board for quite a long time.

The series of themed board games still remains.

Collecting the mini stars is the main goal of the game. As usual as before, the luck factor has to work very strong to keep the brothers going. The mini games and the themed board games both help to increase the mini star account. However, it is the mini ventures that will make the player happier. Catching thrown hula hoops, a variety of vehicles chase or leaping across moving platforms help to add mini stars. The game includes memory games, jigsaw puzzles, and pattern-recognition tests as interactive sessions. The mini games come in for free. Sometimes there are team players as well and the captain has to fight them. The thrill is experienced when you can dodge the three friends who are out there to kill you and take your life, a several times.

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