Beautiful and Brutal – A deadly combination

Max Payne, a famous game which was released long time back, has been an all time favorite for most. Max Payne 3 has however shifted base from New York to sunny Brazil. Partly in flashback scene and partly as a story book sequence, as before it is the narration of the story by himself that gives that whole unique touch and the reason why it is a class different from other similar games.

Actually the main factor is that manly voice of Max Payne. Remedy Entertainment is no more associated with the game and now it has been taken up by Grand Theft Auto Games – Rockstar. This up gradation has brought about a change in the animation structure of the game with every move. Max Payne has now every freedom of moving around more like a free man and a lively one unlike the one in the previous versions where he used to stand still and shoot all his enemies. The whole idea of him moving freely in the new one to show his gymnastic skills while killing is enemies is simply great.

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