Popular Video Games – From Release Till Date

Playing video games is a fun activity that not only children enjoy but even grownups. In the past, people used to go to gaming centers where they were able to wait in long lines to play games on a large screen. Although it happens even now but with the advent of computer, PlayStations and Xbox the demand of such games have reduced. Now the video games you can play on these advance devises have much better quality and much better version.

With the advent of internet, you can even play games online for free. Every person has different opinion on different games because they have dissimilar tastes. There are millions of games available online and you can even play against other players that are sitting in other parts of the world at your home with your own convenience.

Most people in the United States of America like American football, half the year people anxiously follow the games of NFL. Therefore, for these NFL fans there is Madden NFL football. This football game is very popular and tons of copies are bought each year by them. The love for American football is in their genes and that is why they cannot resist playing this game. They may not be able to play in reality but virtually they can play football as much as they want.

Another biggest addicting game is Modern Warfare. There are a lot of series of this game making it very interesting and exciting for kids and teens. One you start playing this game you will not stop. Boys love this game because it is full of actions and trill.

Call of duty is yet another video game sold widely around the world. This is also an action game that can be very obsessive for the adventure lovers. The game has a lot of series to fulfill the urge of its fans. This game can be played of PlayStation 2 as well as on Xbox. There are more series of Call of duty yet to come.

On the internet, you may even find games where if you win you will get prizes. Most companies do this for a marketing campaign however there are sports games or casino games in which you will actually compete with other people around the world and if you win you might get prizes.

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